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Newbie chirinjeevx
Registered: ‎12-06-2018

Eyescan configuration for UltraScale Architecture GTY Transceivers

I am looking for software code to monitor the eye on the GTY 4channel tranceiver.

I am using a kintex Ultrascale+ transceiver with the transceiver connected serially to a 10G tester. Looking at the specification UG578.pdf "UltraScale Architecture GTY Transceivers", Chapter 4 under RX Margin Analysis,  there are bunch of registers to be programmed and an FSM to trigger the EYESCAN hardware inside GTY.

I was wondering if somebody has programming code for eyescan, that I can re-use by changing the underlying read/write function. I do have the GTY's DRP interface accessible.


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Registered: ‎05-02-2017

Re: Eyescan configuration for UltraScale Architecture GTY Transceivers


hi @chirinjeevx,


I believe and assume that you are looking for the GTY eyescan  readily available software code where the tool can display the eye diagram we do not any code we have steps to do this .


Please see the below AR's

1. https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/66517.html


Scan feature is already implemented in IBERT, where a GUI helps with a simple customization of the Eye Scan, and IBERT drives the Eye Scan automatically.

However, some additional HDL is required to pair the Eye Scan feature with your design (this option is referred to here as Manual Eye Scan).

Because the Eye Scan engine is controlled by a few attributes mapped in the DRP space, most of the required code is just to take care of the DRP Read, Modify and Write operations.



This article describes a module that can easily be inserted into a design and interfaced to the GT's DRP port to perform a simple Eye Scan.  In UltraScale designs the In System IBERT function  should be used instead.

The data is ported to an ILA module which can then be exported to a CSV file for analysis. Some analysis can be done on screen.


I hope the above information has cleared your query .

let me know your inputs 




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Chandra sekhar
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