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Registered: ‎09-25-2009

Advices and help

Hello Everyone,


I am just a new user to this website and this forum. I am now here at uk final year electronic degree. I am now have to study VHDL as a part of my module in final year. I haven't got any experience in VHDL and i haven't learn it in my previous years back home.


Could anyone advice me on where should i start study and which books and website i should start learning and reading from??

Is there any simple VHDL projects which i can research for my final year project as well please? Studying and doing a project in VHDL could be benifit for me.Then i can shoot two birds with one stone.






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Registered: ‎02-27-2008



'FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples' by Chu is a pretty basic book that I have on my bookshelf.  It is designed to work with our Spartan 3E starter kits from Digilent, but would apply to any Xilinx FPGA equally well.


There are also a great number of resources and free books online.


I do suggest learning VHDL for use in FPGAs if that is your goal, because VHDL being such a powerful language can be used for verification, specification, simulation, in just about any area:  not just for describing logic you want to be synthesized for a FPGA.


I had to learn VHDL recently, after spent a number of years using verilog for standard cell design (the hard-IP blocks in the FPGA use this flow).


I would not say that I am proficient, yet.  But, I am very dangerous.


Austin Lesea
Principal Engineer
Xilinx San Jose
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