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Participant heiyux
Registered: ‎02-19-2009

Two questions about BPI configration

Hi everybody,


     I‘m about to use BPI configration for V6 FPGA, LX240T, and running into two questions.

     I use  S29GL01GP as the BPI flash.


Q1: I was told to float CCLK pin for BPI configration in UG360 page 52 & page 53,

       but I also found another guidance in UG438 page34 & page35 Note 3, which shows to 

       connect the CCLK to the BPI Flash's Clock pin. Which should I follow?


Q2: When using XCF128X & Virtex 6, IO_L18P_24 should be connected to the L# pin of the

       Flash for indirect programming purpose. What should I do if I use third part Flash, such

      as S29GL01GP?


P.S. I found there is few guide for BPI configration using third part Flash. Is there any?


      Oh, sorry, it turned out a question No.3. :)


Thank you very much!


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