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Registered: ‎08-02-2018

7 Series GTX: GTX simulation consumes time although GTX it is in reset/no clock input



I used "7 series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard (3.6)" to generate a GTX transmitter (i.e. I checked button <RX off>). To speed up simulation, I wanted to hold the GTX in reset/no clock while the test case does some other initialization.

I realized, that GTX still consumes a lot of time although it is in reset and it has no input clock. The "Simprofile Report" states that there is an instance "B_GTXE2_CHANNEL_INST.SHIP.SHELL.BUT.Ichannelcore.Ichannelcore.Ichpmatop.Ichrxtop.Irxcore" which seems to be running, but I used "RX off".

Is there a way to stop this by setting dedicated inputs or may be by forcing an internal signal?


Best regards,

Heiner Wiese

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