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Registered: ‎09-30-2014

Behavioral Simulation wave window misbehaves in Vivado

Hi all,


I have an annoyance with behavioral simulation in Vivado:



1. Make a design with some wide buses (among other stuff)

2. Run behavioral simulation

3. Right-click a wide bus in "Objects" window, and select Radix - Signed Decimal

4. do something else

5. Add something to wave window

6. Rerun behavioral simulation


After the above steps, a large number of signals disappear from the wave window. Attempt to re-insest those fails, and Vivado emits the following to console:


WARNING: Simulation object /path/to/my/precious/signal was not traceable in the design for the following reason:
The number of elements in the requested object is 42, which exceeds the maximum traceable size of 15 elements.
The maximum can be changed with "set_property trace_limit <number of elements> [current_sim]" Tcl command.
ERROR: [Wavedata 42-43] There are no traceable objects to add.



Running the suggested tcl command fixes the problem -- assuming that one never has the need to add more signals to wave window after viewing some as signed decimals. It takes a lot of clicking to restore the wave window to an useful state, and doing it frequently is annoying.


Is there a way improve the work flow?

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