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Visitor julien-niu
Registered: ‎07-08-2019

Encounter an error when trying to call c function sin()

I try to use a c function sin() in testbench written in systemVerilog. However, when I start the simulation, it throws an error like this: "Vivado Simulator kernel has encounted an exception from DPI C function: cos(). Please correct."

Here is the relevant code:

package math_pkg;
  // import functions directly from C library
  //import dpi task      C Name = SV function name
  import "DPI-C" pure function real cos(input real rTheta);
  import "DPI-C" pure function real sin(input real y);
  import "DPI-C" pure function real atan2(input real y, input real x);
endpackage : math_pkg

 wr = math_pkg::cos(theta); 
 wi = math_pkg::sin(theta);

Does anyone know what else I need to setup in order to successfully use a built-in c library?

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Registered: ‎04-24-2013

Re: Encounter an error when trying to call c function sin()

Hi @julien-niu ,

Have a look at Appendix D of User Guide 900, it has information on using DPI and compiling C Code.


At this time it only works via scripting and not via the GUI

You can generate scripts to modify by using the export_simulation tcl command.

Best Regards

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