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Registered: ‎06-12-2012

FATAL_ERROR:simulator: compilerUtils.cpp:672

when i do a simulation, the isim does not get out, and the console table list the following message:

           FATAL_ERROR:simulator: compilerUtils.cpp:672:1.50 - Directory pointed to by XILINX environment variable does not have gcc installed.

          to this problem, i have try many methods.

          gcc had already been  installed in my pc.

          win xp has been re-installed.

          other ise project has been try.

          but, the problem is always there.

          my ise version is 13.4, and i try to use 13.1. at the beginning of the one, two,three simulation, the isim runs ok, but then the same fatal error out, and cannot similate me!

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