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Registered: ‎10-27-2009

Feature Request: IEEE754 Radix

A simple yet powerful addition to increase productivity in simulation could be to add the single and double precision floating point number radix option to the waveform in ISIM / ISIM memory viewer.


Understandably you wouldn't want to add too many radices as it would be clutter, however since pretty much any design involving a CPU / microcontroller would implement IEEE754 in some way, I think this would be a worth while feature.


You could take this even one step further, and simply allow a custom radix option, where as users could specifiy a basic expression like


radix := ascii(7 downto 0) & unsigned(11 downto 8) ... etc etc


then IEEE754 could be writen as


radix := sign(31) * 2**(unsigned(30 downto 23) - 127) * (unsigned(22 downto 0) / 8388607).... or something like this...


Any thoughts or ideas? maybe an xilinx employee could past this on to the developers? =)

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