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Registered: ‎05-27-2014

How to verify custom IP using AXI4 BFM testbench

I am having difficulties understanding how to create testbenches (automatically) and simulate a custom IP using the AXI BFM.


I created a new project then immediately created a custom IP (via the Tools-> create and package ip -> Create a new AXI4 peripheral).


When I get to the screen "Create Peripheral" there are four options and I chose 'Edit IP'. I modified the parameters and ports as outlined in a Quick Take video "packaging custom ip for use with ip integrator".

And I get a custom IP with both slave and custom ports as expected. All is fine so far.


Now, stepping back, I notice on the "Create Peripheral" screen, if I select "Verify peripheral IP using AXI4 BFM Simulation Interface" rather than 'Edit IP', the tools generate a testbench using the AXI BFM.
This is great, only problem is, it uses a 'Custom IP' which hasn't been modified with additional parameters and ports.



My question is, how can I create a custom IP first and then second generate a testbench with AXI BFM?

Currently using Vivado 2014.3.1 on 64-bit Windows 7 OS.

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Registered: ‎05-27-2014

I noticed on a subsequent 'Quick Take Video' (Titled: Creating an AXI Peripheral in Vivado)

and located here: )

that the presenter, first creates a custom IP with AXI4-lite interface but rather than modify the IP, he slects "Verify peripheral IP".


At about 5 mins and 50 seconds into the video the presenter mentions 'if you want to add custom logic to this perhiperial you can do it at this time'.  And this is perhaps the most critical point that I am interested, but he does not elaborate.  How do you add the custom logic while still maintaining the simulation files?


Below image shows the sources after I created ip using AXI4 BFM Simulation Interface.  It show the simulation files, but not the actual source files which I should be able to modify.


Any help would be much apprciated.







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