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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Kudos for the ReLaunch button!

I only recently moved from ISE 12.4 to 13.4 and I'm very pleased with the new

ReLaunch feature of ISIM.  Restarting ISIM after changing the design code was

always a headache before this.  Until now I have worked around it using

"custom" .wcfg files, but even that was painful because I had to change the

simulation properties each time I moved from one test bench to another

(I like to create test benches for sub-modules).  I also typically "float" the

waveform window, which meant more things to close and re-open after

each code change.


It would still be nice to fix the Project Navigator GUI to allow individual settings

for each test-bench in the ISIM properties, rather than making a single global

setting for the "custom" .wcfg file.  Alternately defaulting to saving the waveform

configuration as <test_bench_name>.wcfg would solve this issue.




-- Gabor
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