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Registered: ‎07-24-2009

Simulation fails due to a System Generator Model being Unbound

Hi There,


I have an ISE project with a System Generator model included. Under implementation, I have added the System Generator project (.sgp) file, and it has correctly bound to the project. I can synthesize and fully implement the design.


However, when I switch over to Simulation (using ISim), my System Generator component appears to be missing (unbound), and whenever I try running ISim, I get the WARNING:Simulator:648 - Instance Unbound, and WARNING:HDLCompiler:89 - <demodulator_cw> remains a black box error messages. I am using the 11.4 version of the Xilinx toolchain.


There appears to be no way to correct this problem. Does System Generator not create files which can be simulated through ISim?


If anyone can help, your advice would be much appreciated,


Thanks very much

Rob Smith

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