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Registered: ‎01-03-2018

Simulation using Riviera Pro Issues

Hi I have a project in Vivado and it correctly generates the simulation scripts etc and simulates well with Questa.


The problem however arises when we choose Riviera-PRO. Following are the issues:

1) The PCIE IP that we use, generated from IP integrator,  has some VHDL files. The library.cfg generated for the riviera simulation doesnt have the unisim path, causing a compilation error.

   This problem has a workaround: I have the pre compiled libraries stored in a location outside the project. I simply copy the library.cfg that is pointing to all the pre compiled libraries at this location and while doing the launch_simulation i give the option to not cleanup the directory. So a fresh library.cfg is not generated and the one that i kept gets used. So this problem of VHDL files gets solved.


2) Second issue is that the file that is generated as part of simulation scripts points to files at incorrect location.

eg it looks for a file at <project_name>.srcs/sources_1/ip/axis_data_fifo_0/hdl/axis_infrastructure_v1_1_vl_rfs.

Directory <project_name>.srcs/sources_1/ip exists but it only has .xcix files. There is no axis_data_fifo_0 or any other IP directory at all. I dont know why the file is looking at incorrect location.

Those files are present in <project_name>.ip_user_files/ipstatic/hdl/ and

<project_name>.ip_user_files/ipstatic/simulation locations.


To solve this i have to do a find and replace in the file and get the compilation pass MANUALLY.


3) Because of errors in  1 and 2,  the file is not even generated. I have to simulate using Questa and copy the vsim command from its file to simulate things on Aldec Riviera-PRO which then works fine.


Request Vivado to please fix the Riviera-PRO simulation flow.

The amount of hack is just too much.


Thankyou very much





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Registered: ‎04-24-2013

Hi @sachinb_apt1,


While Aldec Riviera can be used with Vivado and is a supported flow, support for it is provided via Aldec and not by Xilinx.

Aldec will work with Xilinx to fix any compatibility issues


This is documented in User Guide 973




Best Regards


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