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Registered: ‎10-15-2020

Toggle output signal with moore state machine

Dear all,

in the meantime i have completed the first 9 labs of the Tuturial "HDL Design using Vivado".

But in lab 10 i have big difficulties to find the desired solutions.

In exercise 2-1, i should design a sequence detector by using a Moore state machine with three always blocks or 3 processs.
The Moore state machine has two inputs (ain[1:0]) and one output (yout). The output yout begins as 0 and remains a constant
value unless one of the following input sequences occurs:
(i) The input sequence ain[1:0] = 01, 00 causes the output to become 0
(ii) The input sequence ain[1:0] = 11, 00 causes the output to become 1
(iii) The input sequence ain[1:0] = 10, 00 causes the output to toggle.

Can somebody please have a look at my solution and can give me a hint how to fix the problems?

The problem is that i have no idea how to implement in a moore machine the facts, that the output should toggle at the input sequence (iii) and that the output remains constant unless a new valid input sequence occurs.

My solution reports a warning because there is a combinatorial loop, but i have no other idea to realize that.


Attached another solution, that work, but with a mealy state machine.

with best regards

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