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VIVADO 2016.1 - Behavioral Simulation - Fatal run time error detected

Hi everybody,


i will introduce a general overview of my issue here below.


I'm running a behavioral simulation on VIVADO 2016.1


The project source code is VHDL and is structured as follow:


-a Simulation engine;

-a Control;

-3 DDS to generate sinusoidal signals.


All the blocks are mapped correctly with a clock and a reset signal.


I'm not using "wait" statements at the end of the processes.


The first version of the project was working fine.


I made a second version of the code in which a removed some code leftover which consists of some Simulation Engine output signals which where just used to display some waveforms.


This version does NOT work and i  got this message: "A fatal run-time error was detected. Simulation cannot continue'.


In order to debug the issue I've used the "ptrace" command in the TCL console by typing: ptrace -verbose on and then i run again the behavioral simulation  and in this second case the simulation stays stucked and i don't receive any useful information and at certain point the GUI crashes and i receive a message according which the VIVADO runs out of memory.


Can anyone give me any help please?


Thank you





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Hey @Anonymous,


Can anyone give me any help please?

In general it helps to provide example code to illustrate the issue.

But I would also suggest to try with Vivado 2017.2 to verify that it isn't a bug in Vivado 2016.1 which was already fixed.




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Hi ,


it's a problem for me  to give an example code, not cause i don't want but i have to obtain an authorization.


In the mean time can you give me some info on how to use the ptrace command?


I've read that some guys used it and it addressed the exact  code line where the problem was located.


I do this:


-open Vivado;

-write ptrace -verbose on in the TCL console;

-run the behavioral simulation.


At the end of this procedure i cannot see any particular info as a result of the ptrace command.


Thank you



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