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Newbie mbk
Registered: ‎03-09-2019

[Verilog and VHDL] inout does not get assigned to signal


I am trying to get simple sram model to work.

The model file is in vhdl and i am used to working with verilog.

i've written the control logic and testbench in verilog and they seem to incorporate vhdl sram model well. However, the inout port (DQ)'s contents do not get passed on to a 'signal' (i think its a 'wire' in verilog terms?)

In attempting to write to sram, it writes 'XXXX_XXXX'.

Line 65 and 176 are important.

Architecture behave_arch Of async_128Kx8 Is
-- ...
data_skew <= DQ after 1 ns; -- *** Line 65
-- ...

process -- main process
-- ...
mem_array(conv_integer1(address_internal))(7 downto 0) := data_skew(7 downto 0); -- *** Line 176
-- ...
wait on write_enable, A, read_enable, DQ, data_skew;
end process;
end behave_arch;

Modifying line 176 to:

mem_array(conv_integer1(address_internal))(7 downto 0) := DQ(7 downto 0);

works well.

Thank you for looking into the issue.

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