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Registered: ‎01-08-2018

Vivado 2018.3 simulation won't run with AntiVirus turned on / corrupts my Vivado install

I write this post whilst Vivado is reinstalling on my PC after becoming corrupt! So looks like I'll loose a few hours this afternoon to resolve this problem - rather than getting on with my project :)

I have found that on my home PC running Win10 and (now) Avast Antivirus that the simulation (xsim) software would hang - so it has been necessary to turn off the AV software to run a simulation. With an earlier version of Vivado (2018.1?) I had the same issue with AVG AV software so switched to Avast which seemed to be better, but then ended up causing the same problems. I haven't been able to find a way of forcing the AV software to treat Vivado as an exception/safe. On my work PC we use ESET antivirus and all seems to work fine.

HOWEVER - today I was crazy enough to run a simulation and forget to turn off the Avast antivirus - the simulation hung and the AV software detected Vivado as a threat and put it in quarantine.

Avast will not allow Vivado to be reinstated (can't figure out why).
Vivado will not run fully in its current state AND there is no repair option! - The suggestion seems to be uninstall and reinstall.
Vivado uninstall option will not run! so have ended up renaming the old folders (will probably delete once I get the new install working).
Currently reinstalling Vivado, which is going to take a couple of hours all in probably - but hopefully will work.

1 - Is there a list of known good compatible Antivirus software products for Vivado?
2 - Are there any details of fixes to allow Vivado to be used with AVG, Avast or any other non-compatible AV software products?
3 - Are there any plans to fix Vivado (or the AV software products) to resolve any incompatibilities?
4 - Are there any plans to add a repair feature to Vivado or at very least provide instructions on the quickest way to repair (without doing a full reinstall)?


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