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Registered: ‎05-20-2017

XPower gives error when reading vcd

Hello, I'm trying to do accurate power analysis via xpower. 


I'm using ISE P.20131013. and xpwr: Release 14.7  P.20131013 (lin64)


So I have my core module, which I synthesize. I wrap it in testbench, run simulation and dump vcd file via commands:


vcd dumpfile ..

vcd dumpvars -m /testbench/my_core/

vcd dumpon

run all

vcd dumpflush

vcd dumpoff


then I turn off simulation tool and launch XPower via:


xpwr -s myvcd.vcd data.ncd data.pcf


but I get following errors:


WARNING:Power:216 - VCDFile(18970): $dumpoff command encountered, all simulation data after this will be ignored.
ERROR:Power:972 - Parsing Error parse error, unexpected WORD, expecting END or TRANSITION or BINARY_VALUE or REAL_VALUE line 18973 Expected
scalar or vector value change here
ERROR:Power:85 - Error reading VCD file, no simulation data will be applied.
WARNING:PowerEstimator:270 - Power estimate is considered inaccurate. To see details, generate an advanced report with the "-v" switch.

Number of error messages: 2
Number of warning messages: 2
Number of info messages: 1


on 18973 line in vcd file there is:


x #                       << this one
x $
x %
x &


what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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