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Registered: ‎03-31-2012

can't restart simulation "INFO: Simulator is stopped."


I am using 14.2 isim. I can build a simulation executable and run it properly the first time around but during debugging usually I would like to add signals and re-run the simulation.

The problem is that restart does not work. When I say "restart" I get "INFO: Simulator is stopped." and nothing after this helps the problem. To re-run it, I have to exit and restart the whole process which takes much longer of course.

This sounds like the AR 33429 but it seems in that case the simulation doesn't run at all; in my case I can't restart it.

Any suggestions?


PS I also have a VCD dump going on, so maybe it's related to 33429 than I think. But I need the VCD files too as the waveform browser in ISIM doesn't handle analog signals so visualising filter outputs etc are quite difficult.

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