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Registered: ‎06-27-2017

limited versus unlimited ISIM with ISE 14.7 (Win10)

Customer is using the "Spartan 6 only" of ISE 14.7 for Win10.  Currently they are using the Webpack version, but ISIM is complaining that it's running up against the limit of the tools, and the customer should consider upgrading to the full version of ISE to unlock the full features of ISIM.  Since this is the "special" version of ISE that is specific to Spartan 6 ONLY and specific to Windows 10 ONLY, do they have any options to "buy" a fell (Embedded Edition?) of the ISE tools to give them a fully functional ISIM simulator?

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Registered: ‎09-15-2016

Re: limited versus unlimited ISIM with ISE 14.7 (Win10)

Hi @mike.mandeville,

Please note that with ISE webpack version we get ISE Simulator Lite and i hope that the customer has come across the below warnings in ISE:

WARNING: A full ISim License cannot be checked out due to the issues listed above. Please use Xilinx License Configuration Manager to fix these issues in order to check out a full ISim license.

WARNING: ISim will run in Lite mode. Please refer to the ISim documentation for more information on the differences between the Lite and the Full version.

This is a Lite version of ISim.

ISE Simulator Lite is a limited version of the ISE Simulator. There is only one limitation. When the user design + testbench exceeds 50,000 lines of HDL code, the simulator will start to derate the performance of the simulator for that invocation.

ISim full can be installed with any of the editions. If you are interested in upgrading your webpack to one of the edition, please contact your local sales office and they can assist you with this.


Thanks & Regards,
Sravanthi B
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Registered: ‎06-27-2017

Re: limited versus unlimited ISIM with ISE 14.7 (Win10)

Thanks for the reply.  I'm the Xilinx FAE for Avnet covering Florida so when the answer includes "contact your sales office", that usually falls back on MY desk.  

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