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Observer john
Registered: ‎05-17-2018

supported types for VCD


I am trying to dump the results of a VHDL module simulation to a .vcd file. I select the signals to dump with log_vcd [get_object <signal>] but i get a "<signal> is of a type not supported for VCD or has zero size." warning for anything different from a bit vector type. In particular I can't export integer/natural types, enumerations (for state machines) and multidimentional arrays.

This is kind of surprising; I understand the .vcd file are part of the verilog specification, but integer/natural types in particular could be simply written as "integer" vcd variables. And I can also imagine a straightforward solution for the enums and multidimentional arrays.

Is it possible to do something about this? otherwise I wonder if it would be feasible (and allowed) to develop a .wdb to .cvd converter.

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