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Registered: ‎03-05-2009

Help Needed for Step by Step Hyperterminal spartan 3e comm.


I am doing a project on spartan 3E board. I need to communicate my board with hyper terminal. I have read a lot of internet scattered material, but i am still unable to have a clear idea, for where to start. I want some one to please explain it in step by step manner, in very easy and lucid language, how can ANY simplest code can send and recieve data to and from hyperterminal. You can provide any code, which you believe is capable of sending and recieving data.

P.S: My VHDL code do not have any UART module in it, if it is necessary please enlighten me about it as well(e.g. where to get it?, what should be edited in it? etc)

I hope someone will help me out of this problem.


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