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Registered: ‎04-03-2009

Multiboot information passing, fallback detection

Hi there!


I'm designing my first multiboot system and some things are not totally clear. First it's just me or really there is no documantation on the ICAP primitive for the Spartan 3A other than the few lines in UG332? Anyhow my main problem is that somehow i'd like to detect that a configuration fallback has occured due to bitstream error. I want my bootloader to be aware of the fact that the image loaded into the flash memory is faulty so it does not try to reboot it again (and get locked after 3 retries) but notifies the user and asks for another to be downloaded. UG332 states in the Spartan 3 family multiboot comparison table (Tale 14-1) that "Information passing between MultiBoot FPGA applications possible" for S3A/AN devices. Now how do i do that? Of corse i could write something to the flash memory i'm using to boot from, but since it's non-volitile i don't know if a fallback occured or the power had been cycled.

Just to be clear i'm using Master SPI mode. In the flash there is one "golden" bootloader and the updateable application itself. It is required that the bootloader and the main app also to be capable of a firmware update. I'd like to avoid power or PROG_B cycling or the use of external circuitry if possible.

Any tips? How this should be done?


Thank you!

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Registered: ‎07-14-2008

Re: Multiboot information passing, fallback detection

Good Morning,


not sure if this will help you, but there is an application note for multiboot (XAPP468). You could give it a try.

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Registered: ‎04-03-2009

Re: Multiboot information passing, fallback detection

Thank you, but i've already read that. I realized meanwhile that the event i'd like to avoid is very unlikely to happen so i'll just write the boot history to the flash as in XAPP468. Originally i thought to something like writing a register in ICAP that remains there between boot operations but gets ereased on power down. So i'm still curious how it is possible to exchange information between multiboot applications as it is stated in UG332.
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Visitor elite_xilinx
Registered: ‎06-26-2012

Re: Multiboot information passing, fallback detection

Hi, bagojfalvibagoj !


I'm in same condition with you!


How did you solve this?


I'm trying to implement multibooting with in-system flash menory in spartan-1400an.


I have followed by the sample of the "spartan-700an development starter kit".


But after 3 tries, the memory is locked.


Please help me.


Kind Requards.


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