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Registered: ‎05-15-2017

PICXO and SDI pass-through in Spartan 6

Does the Spartan 6 GTP support the PICXO? I see the 7 Series GTP has the "TX Phase Interpolator", but I do not see it in the S6 GTP block diagram. 


If the PICXO is not supported, what is the alternative, other than having an external VCO?


The idea is to have an SDI pass-through and avoid frame overflow/underflow. It doesn't need to be cycle to cycle dead on accurate, I just need to avoid the transmitter running away from the receiver. I have read that the jitter of the recovered clock is too much to be a reference clock for the transmitter.


I already know that it is possible, because I have in my hands a board that does it (firmware is not available though). It is a small board based on a Spartan 6, does not have an external VCO (just a regular oscillator with selectable 148.5 MHz vs 148.5/1.001 MHz frequency), and the TX does not drift with respect to the RX, it just has a slow jitter of about 10ns.

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