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Visitor vccy1188
Registered: ‎05-18-2010

Question about connecting pins in Spartan 3E Starter Kit

According to the Spatan 3E Starter Board User Guide, the physical pins assocciated with SPI Interface is the 6-pin DAC Header (FIgure 9-1, pg. 69) and SPI_MOSI: (T4), SPI_MISO: (N10), SPI_SCK: (U16), DAC_CS: (N8), and DAC_CLR: (P8).


I want to connect a Microchip MRF24J40MA Zigbee Module to the Spartan 3E board via SPI interface and the pin diagram is as stated in the User Guide (Figure 1, pg. 1). I already soldered wires to all the pins on the Zigbee Module and is now wondering how to physically connect these 2 device together.


I also used the SPI codes for CoolRunner2, taken from here.

The purpose of doing this is to connect 3 Spartan 3E Starter Boards together using 3 individual Microchip MRF24J40MA Zigbee Modules.

What else I should do? This is my first time playing around with the SPI interface and I hope I can get some help here, thanks!

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