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Registered: ‎06-16-2015

constrain of SRIO in xc6slx25t

i use spartan6slx25T, which have only one GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0, i can implement one x1 mode(lane 0 in GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0) and it work well, but i need to use two x1 mode,and i try to instance another SRIO IP(lane 1 in GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0), but the constraints is error. so can u tell me how to constraint lane 1 in GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0


INST "u_camera_process/inst_test_srio_top/rio_de_wrapper/phy_wrapper_inst/srio_gt_wrapper/gtp_wrapper_i/tile0_gtp_wrapper_i/gtpa1_dual_i" LOC = "GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0";# lane0
INST "u_camera_process/inst_test_srio_top_1/rio_de_wrapper/phy_wrapper_inst/srio_gt_wrapper/gtp_wrapper_i/tile0_gtp_wrapper_i/gtpa1_dual_i" LOC = "GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0";# lane1 

 here is the error

ERROR:Pack:2811 - Directed packing was unable to obey the user design constraints (LOC=GTPA1_DUAL_X0Y0) which requires the combination of the symbols listed below to be packed into a single GTPA1_DUAL component. The directed pack was not possible because: The target component type can only contain one fragment. The symbols involved are: GTPA1_DUAL symbol "u_camera_process/inst_test_srio_top_1/rio_de_wrapper/phy_wrapper_inst/srio_g t_wrapper/gtp_wrapper_i/tile0_gtp_wrapper_i/gtpa1_dual_i" (Output Signal = NULL) GTPA1_DUAL symbol "u_camera_process/inst_test_srio_top/rio_de_wrapper/phy_wrapper_inst/srio_gt_ wrapper/gtp_wrapper_i/tile0_gtp_wrapper_i/gtpa1_dual_i" (Output Signal = NULL) Mapping completed. See MAP report file "top_map.mrp" for details. Problem encountered during the packing phase.


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-01-2012

Similar kind of error (ERROR:Pack:2811) discussed in the below forum post. Please check whether it helps in your case. 



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