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Registered: ‎08-21-2009

problem about JTAG


In my equipment , i alwayse use serial slave mode  , and configure M2=1 ,M1=1 ,M0 = 1 .
In spartan 3 datasheet , when we use jtag mode to configure FPGA  , we should choose M2=1 ,M1=0, M0 = 1 .
But in the past , we don't revise the hardware , and reserve M2=1 ,M1=1 ,M0 = 1 . we still can use jtag to configure the FPGA and use chipscope to debug

But when I use microblaze , I still can configure fpga with JTAG , but when I debug the software , the program alwayse be reset unnormally.
I doubt if the jtag have problem and MDM output a reset.

Can some expert explain the problem .

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