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Registered: ‎12-12-2012

spartan 3an starter kit DDR2 sdram

Hi all,

I am using spartan 3an xc3s700an 5-fgg484 starter kit with verilog HDL and i am trying to interface with on board ddr2 sdram. I am new in fpga but my project needs sdram. By the way the project is image processing(sensing emotions from face images). Although i am not using any memory to enderstand emotions, there is no enough space in FPGA to save the 400x400 photo and the processing units. So I have to do this interface. Interface will be simple. I do not need a lot of signals. Just vital signals.


The interface will write grayscale pixels (came from cmos camera) to ddr2 sdram and then i will read them from memory and do some manupulations on them and write them back into their old address.

I have decided to use MIG interface and I have tried to write control unit for that but I have failed. Now I am trying to use xilinx design which is in the spartan 3a starter kit sources. The design atteched.


Here is my problem. Design have chip scope signals and i think there is no need to remove them from the design. Synthesize is done with a lot of warnings but Translate have failed at implementing design step. There are ucf file errors and some of them is below.


INST "infrastructure_top0/cal_top0/cal_ctl0" AREA_GROUP = cal_ctl;>
[par/vlog_bl8.ucf(276)]: INST "infrastructure_top0/cal_top0/cal_ctl0" not
found. Please verify that:


INST "infrastructure_top0/cal_top0/tap_dly0" AREA_GROUP = cal_ctl;>
[par/vlog_bl8.ucf(277)]: INST "infrastructure_top0/cal_top0/tap_dly0" not
found. Please verify that:


NET "main_00/top0/data_path0/data_read0/fifo*_wr_en*" MAXDELAY = 3007
ps;> [par/vlog_bl8.ucf(383)]: NET "main_00/top0/data_path0/data_read0/fifo*_wr_en*" does not match any design


I hope I explained the problem clearly.

Please help me to solve this errors

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