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Observer zhouyun
Registered: ‎09-04-2007

typical clock frequency for spartan 3A FPGAs

I am working on a signal processing design which I intend to use the Spartan 3A starter Kit to implement the design. The synthesis shows the design running around 200MHz.
But since I got the advice synthesis results are always too optimistic, can somebody comment on the typical operating frequency for Spartan 3A family FPGAs?
The clock on the starter board is only 50MHz, does this mean the 700A FPGA can only operate as high as 50MHz?
Thanks in advance!
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Registered: ‎08-13-2007

Re: typical clock frequency for spartan 3A FPGAs

the ext clock available has no relation to the clock your design may be able to run at as you can use DCM to generate the desired clock inside the FPGA
as answer to your question, some designs may run at clocks well over 200MHz in Spartan-3/3A, but there is no guide or rule, you need to check with your design to get an estimate what clock is useable.
ok, there are some guides ;) let me re-phrase to you, if you dream to clock ALL your design that fill ALL the S3A FPGA from 200MHz clock, then it will not work (99.9% probability), unless it is some very strange design that consumes the FPGA resources and does not do much anything, like all FF as shift register type design...
for typical SoC design you can achive system clock up to 100MHz, while clocks in 60-70MHz range are easier to get working
so you need really carefully look what part of your design needs to run at 200MHz
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