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GTP Transceiver Swing and Pre-Emphasis Control

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GTP Transceiver Swing and Pre-Emphasis Control

With some reference to these posts -> Virtex GTP live control and Spartan 6 GTP config for which there are no subsequent follow-ups or descriptions of what happened afterwards, I would like to ask if other users have purposefully and successfully changed the GTP Transceiver Swing and Pre-Emphasis control values, what values they now use and why they did it .. ?


We have a PCIe link between the Spartan 6 and a Com Express Module that occasionally fails on the FPGA transmit signals. Protocol analysis reveals illegal characters or incorrect 8b/10b encoding. I had the idea that maybe the issue was borderline signal integrity and have looked at adjusting these values but I can find no real info about what values mean what effect in reality.


Some guidance would be appreciated.

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Re: GTP Transceiver Swing and Pre-Emphasis Control

Please refer below documents, I hope it helps





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