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Registered: ‎03-22-2019

Infering one DSP48E for multiply and add opperation (round multiply) in ISE 14.7

Hello everyone!


I am constrained to using ISE 14.7 because I am using an old board that has a Spartan-3A and Virtex 5 FPGA. I am targeting Virtex 5.


I want to implement multplication with rounding of two fixed point numbers in VHDL that is mapped directly to one DSP48E block. By looking at the datasheet (, page 14), this seems possible. I plan to do it by multiplying and then adding with a vector that has 1 in the possition needed for rounding:

A = 001011.11

B = 0110.1001

A*B = xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx

one = 0000000000.000100


C =         


This is my VHDL code:

library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
use ieee.numeric_std.all;

entity unsigned_round_multiplier is
IN0_INT_BITS : integer:= 4;
IN0_FRAC_BITS : integer:= 14;
IN1_INT_BITS : integer:= 0;
IN1_FRAC_BITS : integer:= 25;
OUT_INT_BITS : integer:= 0;
OUT_FRAC_BITS : integer:= 25
in0_i : in std_logic_vector ((IN0_INT_BITS+IN0_FRAC_BITS)-1 downto 0);
in1_i : in std_logic_vector ((IN1_INT_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS)-1 downto 0);
out_o : out std_logic_vector ((OUT_INT_BITS+OUT_FRAC_BITS)-1 downto 0);

end unsigned_round_multiplier;

architecture rtl of unsigned_round_multiplier is

signal mult : unsigned((IN0_INT_BITS+IN1_INT_BITS+IN0_FRAC_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS)-1 downto 0);
signal round : unsigned((OUT_INT_BITS+OUT_FRAC_BITS) downto 0);

signal one_final_i : unsigned((IN0_INT_BITS+IN1_INT_BITS+IN0_FRAC_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS)-1 downto 0);

constant one : std_logic_vector((IN0_INT_BITS+IN1_INT_BITS+OUT_FRAC_BITS) downto 0)
:= (0 => '1', others => '0');
constant one_padding : std_logic_vector((IN0_FRAC_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS-1-OUT_FRAC_BITS-1) downto 0)
:= (others => '0');

attribute use_dsp48 : string; 
attribute use_dsp48 of mult : signal is "yes";


mult <= unsigned(in0_i)*unsigned(in1_i) + unsigned(one&one_padding);

out_o <= std_logic_vector(mult((OUT_INT_BITS+IN0_FRAC_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS-1) downto (IN0_FRAC_BITS+IN1_FRAC_BITS-OUT_FRAC_BITS)));

end architecture rtl;


ISE just won't map it to one DSP. Whatever I do, it is either mapped to two DSPs or to one DSP and a sequence of adders used from the slices. I tried adding a clock signal, separating it in two expressions, etc. It never maps it to one DSP only.


Does anybody have experience with this?


Thanks in advance!

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