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Scholar helmutforren
Registered: ‎06-23-2014

Speeding up Synthesis in Vivado 2017.X

I'm running Vivado 2017.1.  


I saw a few "Out-of-Context Module Runs" in the "Design Runs" tab and thought to myself, "If I could just make ALL of my individual modules out-of-context, might the tool only re-synthesize those that I changed?  This would speed up my synthesis dramatically."


Then I found https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Synthesis/Speeding-up-Vivado-2013-4-Synthesis/td-p/445430/highlight/true/page/2 from 2014.


Is there any additional new info on the best ways to speed up Synthesis?  


My project has pretty much distinct modules, connecting almost solely by FIFOs.  So neither need nor want optimization to cross module boundaries.  Making pretty much *every* module Out-of-Context, including both my custom modules and all the FIFOs I'm using, sounds like a winner.


Next, how can I speed up Implementation?  With the above in mind, I think Implementation will have to go from scratch every time.  Maybe a similar strategy for "Translate", since unchanged modules should translate the same every time?  Or is Translate fast enough already.  Advice?  Hints?






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Registered: ‎02-07-2008

Re: Speeding up Synthesis in Vivado 2017.X

@helmutforren, to speed up Implementation, have you tried using the Incremental Compile Flow?


The Incremental Compile Flow can speed up placement and routing by reusing results from a prior design iteration. This however, depends on the amount of changes applied to the design. For example, upto a 5% change in the design netlist, it is possible to have 2x faster implementation time (i.e. place_design + phys_opt + route_design + read_checkpoint).


The incremental design incorporates small design changes or variations from the reference design.


For information can be found from page 94 of the Implementation User Guide.


Alternatively, try either of the Flow_RuntimeOptimized or Flow_Quick strategies. Refer to Appendix C of the Implementation User Guide.


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Visitor gwideman
Registered: ‎01-06-2018

Re: Speeding up Synthesis in Vivado 2017.X

When I search google for "how to speed up Vivado", I keep getting hits like this one that say to use Incremental Compile Flow, or Flow_Quick.  But where in the Vivado IDE do I actually specify to use those?

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Registered: ‎09-15-2016

Re: Speeding up Synthesis in Vivado 2017.X

Hi @gwideman,


Your query must be related to this old thread, but I request you to create a new forum topic with more detailed information on your issue for better responses and suggestions.


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