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Visitor ugface
Registered: ‎04-18-2018

Shall scoped XDC be compatible with hierarchical filter

In a recent project, we met some strange critical warnings in Vivado 2018.3. It is related to constraints like "get_pins -hier -filter { NAME =~ U0/*/reg/C}" in an IP. Since those constraints are good when the IP is implemented separately, and the XDC is scoped to the IP's instance, intuitively, it should work for the top project. But Vivado yields CRITICAL WARNINGS and those constraints are NOT handled properly.

A workaround is to get rid of the "-hier" option, and rewrite the constraints in a form like "get_pins U0/*/reg/C", then the issue is solved.

Another workaround is to rewrite the constraints in a form like "get_pins -hier -filter { NAME =~ */U0/*/reg/C}".

This is counter-intuitive. When the XDC is scoped to a cell, isn't the "hierarchy" to be scoped to the cell as well?



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