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Registered: ‎03-18-2009

Struggling to meet timing in System Generator output



We are struggling to meet timing in a design for a V5 SX95 which is about 50% full. We've had numerous timing problems with the design, but solved most by using tight area constraints (We have DACs running at 400Mhz which gave problems, but works with area constraints).


Our current problem is more complicated since the part of the design which gives the problems is a System Generator design which forms part of the bigger design. Inside the SysGen design, everything meets timing (using mostly pipelineing to solve it) but the clock enables used inside the SysGen design are not meeting timing. Since SysGen provides 3 clocking options, we've tried all three of them but the only one that works with the blocks in our design is the clock enable scheme. (Both Hybrid DCM and expose clock ports does not work, mostly because blocks complain about not supporting these schemes).


To solve this we've tried to put the problematic CE's on global routes, but this in turn resulted in unroutable paths in P&R. Another solution we tried was to put a tight area constraint on the SysGen part of the design, but this resulted in a fatal error in Map.


Thus, we are stuck. If you can think about more things to try, please let me know.


Thanks in advance,


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