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Observer silvaurus
Registered: ‎10-21-2016

Change the Voltage of Programmable Logics


My project requires me to manually change the voltage of our design to see how PVT(Process, Voltage, Temperature) variation induced timing errors affect the design output. 

For example I'm currently using the ZCU104 board, from the manual I know that "the VCCINT supplies are user adjustable via the PMBus with the voltage ranges" between 0.825 and 0.876. That might not be sufficient to do a research on timing errors.

I read some publications about how to change the voltage of the programmable logic in FPGA. It seems like I need to change the pin on PCB board. From this board's schematics, it seems like VCCINT is generated by IRPS5401MTRPBF U179 voltage regulator, then connecting to the FPGA chip's BGA pin through wires in PCB board. Is it really possible to break the wire on PCB board and weld a pheripheral voltage controller?

There is another concern, that even this is possible, I only want to drop the voltage for my custom IP. There are some other pheripheral IPs such as AXI interconnect that I do want them to operate correctly without any timing error. Give VCCINT is the voltage feeding to all programmable logic, changing which might results in a voltage change for all PL logics. Could there be a way to configure the voltage of a part of the programmable logics? For example just changing the voltage of one bank?


Thanks a lot!

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