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KCU105 board 16G SFP+ links

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KCU105 board 16G SFP+ links

Dear experts, I would like to establish a 16G (14.025Gb/s data rate) SFP+ links using the GTY transceivers provided by the KCU105 evaluation board. I am a little confused regarding the specification required to establish the link. From what I understand the sfp+ modules provided with the board support a maximum line rate of 10G, so I need to buy new modules. I am between those two http://www.mouser.ch/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=FTLF8529P4BCVvirtualkey58360000virtualkey508FTLF8529P4BCV http://www.digikey.fr/products/fr?keywords=AFBR-57F5PZ but i see that for 16G links I need to comply with the following specification ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/SFF-8081.PDF. This describes everything you need for a 16G SFP+ fiber channel link. But for the plug and cage of the sfp+ module I need the SFF-8432 specification. The board SFF+ specification is SFF-8431. My question is are the two modules above compatible with the board, and is it possible to establish the 16G link? Thank you very much and sorry for the long massage!!

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Re: KCU105 board 16G SFP+ links

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Both the SFP modules you mention are suited to 16G Fibrechannel.


The SFP+ modules will fit in the SFP+ cage on the KCU105.


The GTH transceivers on the FPGA (which I think has an FF package, -2 speedgrade) are rated to work at 16.375Gb/s, and will handle 14.025Gb/s just fine.


(BTW, "16GFC" is actually 14.025Gb/s on the line.)


Things I haven't checked:

  • Whether the PCB is good for 14.025Gb/s
  • Whether the right reference clock frequencies are available
  • Whether there is an IP core that will make it all work.