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Registered: ‎07-30-2013

LUTs per SLR

Is there a document that defines how many LUTs (or other resources) per SLR in US+ devices?  Are all SLRs the same size accross devices?  Are the amount of SLLs the same across devices?

We currently are maxing out the SLLs in the xcvu-7p  so could be useful to have a device with more SLLs and/or larger SLRs. (to fit more of the design so less crossings are necessary).  But, I'm unsure if simply migrating up to the 13p would solve our problem if the 13p (with 4 regions instead of 2) has equal or smaller sized regions and equal number of SLLs.

It seems now with US+ technology, simply finding a larger device with more resources isn't sufficient anymore.  Designers must pay attention to SLR crossings if they have dense designs with a lot of interconnects.


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