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Observer sxmman
Registered: ‎05-31-2012

about power supply type for xczu7eg

which type should i choose, ldo or dc?

i have also learned the SCH of ZCU106, and found that using ldo for Vps_mgtravcc(gth in ps) but dc regulator for Vmgtavcc(gth in pl). it made me confused and could Xilinx give some advise on this topic?

by the way, the ds925 give a power on sequencing which don't include GTH in pl, can i ramp up power supply GTH in pl in any time?


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-25-2010

回复: about power supply type for xczu7eg

Hi @sxmman,

 Each of these types of regulators has advantages and disadvantages.The optimal choice of regulator type depends on system requirements such as:

• Physical size
• Thermal budget
• Power efficiency
• Cost

Please see more detail on page 328, ug576:



Regarding power sequence for GTH in PL, please see page 14, ds925:

The recommended power-on sequence to achieve minimum current draw for the GTH or GTY transceivers is
VCCINT, VMGTAVCC, VMGTAVTT OR VMGTAVCC, VCCINT, VMGTAVTT. There is no recommended sequencing for
VMGTVCCAUX. Both VMGTAVCC and VCCINT can be ramped simultaneously. The recommended power-off sequence
is the reverse of the power-on sequence to achieve minimum current draw.


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