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Registered: ‎09-09-2019

C Header Files for UltraScale+ RFSoc

I'm looking for a C header with the registers and bit fields for my system.

I'm using the ZCU111 Evaluation Board ( XCZU28DR RFSoC ). I'm trying to write a C program. I've found this register reference manual online: https://www.xilinx.com/html_docs/registers/ug1087/ug1087-zynq-ultrascale-registers.html

It states, "C header files are delivered with this product which define register and bit field names for easy use in software code." However, I haven't been able to find these header files anywhere. I've also installed Vivado and the Xilink SDK but haven't found them in there either. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎03-21-2018

Re: C Header Files for UltraScale+ RFSoc

Hi anthony.baca@verusresearch.net ,

Once you have exported your design to SDK you can create an 'Application Project' (File->New->Application Project) with your wrapper as the Hardware Platform. Follow through the project wizard and create a project. The header files will be present within the newly created board support package (<project_name>_bsp) and can be accessed in the Project Explorer pane of SDK. I hope this helps.


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