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Registered: ‎09-20-2010

RF Analyzer

I'm trying to evaluate a customer board with RF analyzer (2020.2)

The board has XCZU48DR2FFVG1517 so RF_Analyzer_48DR_32mA.bit file from RF Analyzer installation directory was loaded. 

There is one thing I like to get answer, which could not find anything from UG1309

1. The DAC0 is set to 8Gsps, I/Q to real, IMR low pass, interpolate x2, NCO = 1200MHz, QMC disabled, Zone 1, current = 31.981mA  and CF = 200MHz for example. 

2. ADC01 is set to 4Gsps, I/Q output, Cal Mode 2, decimation /2, NCO = 1200MHz, QMC disabled and Zone 1

On the ADC FFT page, the signal is at ~ -25dBFS with DAC current at 31.981mA. Was it right level?

It became ~ -30dBFS when changing DAC current to 20mA.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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