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Visitor klyndt
Registered: ‎09-08-2015

XTP344: Macros not working

In trying to complete my Ultrascale design, I ran into a problem using the Excel spreadsheet (XTP344).   The macros would not work. I would get an error. 

XTP344 Error


Using the link here:


I got some ideas on how to fix it, but the directions were written for someone much more familiar with the Visual Basic editor.  Below are my steps to fix the problem (using Excel 2013) and I thought they were worth sharing.

1. From inside the XTP344 Excel file, activate the Developer Tab (hidden by default) by right clicking on the ribbon and choosing "Customize the Ribbon"

2. Activate the checkbox for the Developer tab in the right-hand column under "Customize the Ribbon:"  Click OK when done.

3. Under the Developer tab, click the Visual Basic icon.

4. In the Visual Basic debugger window that popped up, click on the + sign in the "Project - VBAProject" window next to the VBAProject name.

5. Enter the password "austin" - no quotes.

6. Click on Run->Design Mode

7. Click on Tools->References

8. There will be an entry that says "Missing: MSExchange 1.0 Type Library".  Uncheck that box and hit OK.

9. Click the save button and close the Visual Basic window.


The failing macro for XTP344 should now start working.


Hope this helps.


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Visitor vojleo
Registered: ‎04-02-2018

Re: XTP344: Macros not working

Great post, thanks!




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