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Registered: ‎08-31-2020

Zynq UltraScale FPGA

Does Xilinx have a written procedure on how to reattach a lid on the FPGA PN given below? Current process is to wash FPGA through a saponified wash (Kyzen Aquanox A4625B). Finding saponified residue in both vented portion of FPGA and ball joints. Does the note in Post Reflow/Cleaning/Washing found here: apply to this FPGA? "Cleaning solutions or solvents are not recommended because some solutions contain chemicals that can compromise the lid adhesive, thermal compound, or components inside the package." 

Part Number: XCZU19EG-2FFVC1760I: Xilinx Zynq UltraScale MPSoC FPGA, FFVC1764 Package, 882 User I/Os, IndustrialGrade

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Registered: ‎09-18-2014

Can you expand on "reattach an lid on the FPGA"? You've ripped off the package lid? Xilinx does not recommend this. The recommendation you've quoted applies to all Xilinx packages. Xilinx recommends a no-clean process if possible. If cleaning is required then a water soluble paste with deionized water to wash is recommended. 

"Most major PCB assembly subcontractors today have successfully developed the no-clean
process in which post assembly washing is not required. That would be an ideal process. If
cleaning is required as part of the process, then it is recommended to use a water soluble paste
and then wash with deionized water in a washer, such as a Westek Triton IV at 140°F-145°F.
Cleaning solutions or solvents are not recommended as some cleaning solutions may contain
chemicals that could corrode the heat spreader adhesive, thermal interface material, or the
components inside the package."




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