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Observer xiaoguo
Registered: ‎05-07-2018

dnnweaver V2 vivado project

Recently I've been working on a open-source DLA named dnnweaver. But I got some errors when I tried to create a vivado project through the way on its github resposity.

1, the instruction file says "We will also use the DDR1 IP to create a clock for DnnWeaver. To do this, specify 150MHz as the frequency for c0_ddr4_ui_clk by double-clicking the IP and then specifying 150 MHz in the Advanced Clocking tab." But I found that c0_ddr4_ui_clk couldn't be modified.

2, because of the c0_ddr4_ui_clk, I tried to use another clock for dnnweaver module. But I've been getting timing errors all the time.

And I use KCU1500, just the same as the owner of the project.

my boss is about to be impatient with me, really need some help ...

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