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Registered: ‎06-14-2014

Addressing Duela Port Memory

I have created a system generator dual port memory in an embedded microblaze system. The memory is write only and I specified 16 bit wide output and 1024 deep.   I wrote IP to fill memory from a bank of A/D s and connected the 10 bit address line generator in my IP to the 10 bit wide system generator address bus in the system generator generated IP in XPS.  When I run the device and look at the memory with the debugger (or from uP access) I see that the word widths that have been written are 32 bit.  The system generator lowest order  address line is working on 32 bit word boundaries,  not 16 bit as I thought I specified.  I guess it could work but I waste half  of my memory.

Is it possible to access sytem generator shared memory object with an adress resolution lower than 4 bytes?


It says in the manual that the data width is inferred from the input.  The data input into the system generator memory module is a 'Gateway In' module with a 16.0 unsigned Output Type. 


It also says that all access to dual port memory is 32 bit wide.  I am willing to accept this on the uProcessor side but must it be so on my input port as well.








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