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Registered: ‎06-04-2008

Coherent Integration



I am looking to implement Coherent Integration aka Pulse Integration onto VHDL and I would like some tips on which cores to use etc in this regard, as I am a newbie.


Basically my I have 10,000 pulses and each "pulse" gets 350 different values. For the time being I've given these values to be sin(x) -2*pi < x < 2*pi.  This is my input signal. I am having white gaussian noise, superimposed on this signal. The 10,000 pulses are then averaged to get one single coherent signal (In future, I will average them to be more than one pulse, but I'm doing this for the sake of simplicity). Then I'll need to find the rms of this coherent signal. I've put this down in maths, but I'm trying to find out how to generate a core (or a set of cores) for this. The maths is as follows


let a be the set of pulses such that a {a0,a1,a2.....a10000}.  Let an (n=0,1,2,3...10000) be set of values received. Therefore, a is a multidimensional array having 10000 rows and 350 coloums.


I therefore need to get the mean of each coloum, which will be my integrated "pure" signal. Similarly, I need to to the same thing for white noise. After that I need to calculate the rms.


If anyone can help me out with this, I'd be grateful. I've looked through the forums for coherent integration, but I have not found anything.




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