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Registered: ‎02-12-2016

DRM driver and Kconfig


We are currently working on a project involving an MPSoC, Mali-400 GPU, and Buildroot linux (customer constraints).

Up until now, effort has been put into migrating from the PetaLinux examples for the ZCU102 towards Buildroot.

Part of our project is based on zcu102-base-dm5 (

Where we are now:

We currently have an issue with the DRM driver on the final target. The driver seems to build correctly, but does not bring up the framebuffer device /dev/fb, and we are trying to correct this.

It took some time to figure out that there are at least two versions of the DRM driver (as described in some detail here:

These two driver versions have differently named Kconfig options. The article above documents some of those differences, but we do not know if there may be other differences as well.


To summarize: We are having some difficulty making sure that the documentation we read is for the latest version of the driver. So far we have relied on the Kconfig program to verify that we are using only the supported config options for the Linux kernel.


Is there additional documentation (like the article referenced above) that can help us understand how to correctly configure the DRM driver so that we get a /dev/fb device?

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