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Registered: ‎12-12-2007

DUC design

hii. now i doing Digital up converter(DUC) and will implement it in the FPGA.

i know that DUC are used extensively in wireless communication system..
i have read the application note(XAPP1018) from xilinx so that i can get more understanding abt the DUC design in FPGA.
but i have face some problem.

1. Can i implement the DUC design in xilinx board Virtex-4 XC4VLX60 -10FF668C FPGA? because i can't choose the device (Virtex-4 XC4VLX60 -10FF668C) when i would to generate the netlist from system generator ..
2. Where can i get the application note or any reference if the DUC design can implement in this board?

Thank you!!
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