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Registered: ‎06-12-2008

Data flow between Sysgen and EDK

I am missing i bit of documentation of the development procedures for using System Generator and EDK in development parallel. I would like an overview of what changes requires the other program to update. For instance: If im altering the c code in xps, i need to run "Compile and update" in the "hw cosim block -> software tab". What if i change something in sysgen. What are the rules then. And how much can i change in sysgen, before i need to generate an entirely new hw cosim block?





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Here are some general rules that may be useful to follow:

  1. If there is any hardware change or modification related to the HWCS block such as adding a new circuitry, changing output data width of shared memory blocks and etc..., you will have to re-generate HWCS

2. Similarly if add or modified peripherals in an XPS project, you will have to re-import the project and re-generate the HWCS


 One design methodology that is quite useful is trying to keep those custom logic that is likely to be altered in the top-level and push only the embedded and its peripherals to hwcs block. 

Hope this helps!

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