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Registered: ‎03-07-2008

FIR Compilerv3.2 help - URGENCY

Dear friends,

I'm trying to create a FIR filter using the core generator, but when i run a behavioral simulation of the filter the outputs and the signal timing are not correct.

The filter has the following characteristics:
-Single channel
-Fully Parallel Distributed Arithmetic implementation
-The coe file was generated in Matlab using FDATool. It's a low pass filter, equiripple, band pass 5MHz (3dB ripple), stop band 9Mhz (30 dB)
-17 taps
-Clock frequency: 100MHz
-Data input width: 10 bits
-Data output width: 10 bits (I take the 10 MSB from the 23 bits of the output)
-Sample rate: 100Msps

In the test i did, i put the value 100h at the input, i set the signal ND(new data) to 1 and waited to the output become stable. For my disappointment the output only  became stable at the value 4F after 24 clock cicles, but the signal RDY(indicates a valid output) turned to 1 after the 10th cicle??!! I can't understand what is hapening.

Could someone help please?

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