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Registered: ‎02-21-2019

Managing a video pipeline from VCU decode to AXI4-Stream


Im trying to build a project based on the VCU TRD for vivado 2019.2 with a custom video interface. Therefore i've scaled away anything in the design related to HDMI. The project builds in Vivado and with the use of "dummys" instead of a HDMI RX i've managed to get the encoder pipeline working for my interface. 

The decode pipeline however won't work. The design is building in Vivado without HDMI TX as the last stage in the pipeline. I'm using a port to my top-level design for the AXI4-Stream output from V_MIX. However the PetaLinux setup requires a connection for the V_MIX with phandle and a remote-endpoint. I can instanciate a fake sink to get it to build however the seup of the decode-related IP:s (frmbuf_rd and V_mix) isn't done and there is no video on any of the AXI4-Stream. I have a high _TREADY all the way to the frmbuf_rd. 

How can i patch or create a dummy to get PetaLinux to set up my pipeline correctly? All i need is for the decoded video stream to be accessable through AXI4-Stream.

Best regards, Martin

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