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Registered: ‎10-05-2011

dump directly to .VCD (or similar files) from Simulink System Generator



I'm wondering if its possible to dump some signals during Simulink System Generator Simulation directly to .vcd file or any other file which could be viewed by a simulator like modelsim??


The reason is that debugging my System Generator design in simulink with the simulink scope is very unconvinient!!


Or is there anything more convienient to debug signals in simulink than using the simple scope? Something similar to modelsim wave viewer??


Or any other suggestions how to debug a SysGen Design on Bitlevel??


Thanks for your help.



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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Hi Matthias,

there are so many things to do it better than with that freaky skope block.


Most simple:

Use the Wavescope from the Xilinx Blockset. It can handle multiple signals with different radices and has even a semi-analog display option. All in one window.


If you have Modelsim anyway and are using Black-Boxes with some HDL, then you can view these directly in the Modelsim waveform window, provided that you choose the option to leave the Waveform window opened after simulation. But I think that's the default setting. However, yiou need to add the Modelsim Block to your Design, and the Black Boxes need to be configured to use Modelsim as their external HDL-Simulation tool.


Have a nice simulation